Woosim WSP R240 Mobile Printer Case

Custom case manufactured for  Woosim WSP R240 Mobile Printer Case, Hand made in Ubrique by Melgar of high quality leatherette raindrop repellent.

Custom case manufactured for Woosim WSP R240.
Made of leatherette raindrop repellent.
External dimensions 120 x 80 x 45 mm.
Metallic belt clip.
Keyboard covered with clear plastic.
Holes for access to all functions.
Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).

We developed our cases for the needs of each customer from 50 units.

Request us an offer without obligation for custom manufacturing protective covers for any type of Handheld mobile computer: tablet, pda, Handheld, RFID, portable printer, walkie talkie, data capture, etc ..

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