Custom cases manufacturer

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Manufacture of the product as you want.

We develop your project, transforming your ideas in a leather item.

Our experience in Custom Leathercraft Manufacturing and the opportunity to collaborate with large companies, have made Melgar in one of the few companies capable of developing any type of product in leather, nylon or synthetic leather.In this process involves our technical laboratory which follows protocols for action and unusual manufacturing systems that result in a 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Among our successes of development are examples as the launch of new products for European multinationals such as Schneider Electric, Casio Europe GmbH, the creation of new products as cases4 who got record sales, our patented Universal PDA Case, the creation of popular iSobre for Apple Macbook Air and so many individual projects from small businesses that, thanks to materialize your ideas with us, got great benefits and satisfactions with their creativity.